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Building Retirement Wealth in Nigeria – Pre-Retirement Strategies

We need to build sustainable wealth while planning for a peaceful, flourishing, healthy retirement. There are four main types of wealth that we need to build plus generational wealth

TIME wealth: do you have enough time to live the life of your dreams? Many people work for many years building someone else’s dream and not having enough time t build their own dream. It is important to manage your time effectively in a way that you are able to build and live the life of your dream

FINANCIAL wealth: Do you have enough money to sponsor the life of your dreams? Building financial wealth is important. As you plan for your retirement, you need to build a portfolio of investments. Your portfolio should include a selection of real estate (land, your home, rental, commercial property etc) portfolio investments (stock, equity, mutual funds and debt securities, such as banknotes, bonds, debentures, cash and cash equivalents) and investment in business (online or brick and mortar) or becoming an Expert (trainer, speaker, coach, consultant, author) Remember that most millionaires keep their money in real estate as real estate has proven to always appreciate overtime

PHYSICAL wealth: Having energy and strength to do the things you dream of? Many people succeed in building time and financial wealth at the expense of their physical wealth and unfortunately their body fails them and they are not able to enjoy the wealth. 

We need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into our daily routine. This can be illustrated using the acronym E.A.T

Eating differently – Diet fitness (fruits, vegetables, organic food, water, more of plant protein and less of animal protein, 

Act differently – Body fitness (incorporating a daily fitness regime like walking, dancing, weight lifting, swimming, jogging, bicycle riding, going to the gym etc)

Think differently – Lifestyle fitness (reducing noise and pollution around you, effective stress management, choosing to be happy, resting, meditation, sleeping about 5-6 hours daily, generally being at peace with effective spiritual support)

SOCIAL wealth: Do you have enough people in your circle of influence who can help you achieve your dreams, support your vision, raise a strong voice for you any-time your name, business or dream is mentioned? 

Please work on building empowering relationships especially as you prepare for retirement as it’s the people in your network who will recommend you and help you grow your business in retirement, while maintaining your peace of mind. We all need people who will love and care for us as we share our life with them.

Generational wealth – A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren. (prov13:22) It is a blessing to leave a good legacy for the next generation combining the other four types of wealth. This will serve as a springboard for those coming after you to achieve greater heights than you. 

How would you like to be remembered? What legacy would you like to build either financial or humanitarian that would add meaning to your life. This are the thoughts that should be on your mind while deciding on the kind of legacy you’ll like to build and leave behind as generational wealth

Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa, an award-winning retirement consultant in Nigeria. She specializes in providing expert advice on rich retirement planning in Nigeria.  she can be reached at  for more information and free workshop on Rich Retirement Planning with multiple income streams

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