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Who is the Retirement Queen - Bibi Apampa

Bibi Apampa “The QueenMaker” is Africa’s No1 Retirement Wealth Strategist, A High Performance Life & Business Coach with multiple  certification from The Coaching Academy, Cambridge University UK and Academy of Professional Coaches.

Wealth Strategist
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Multiple Award-Winning Amazon Best Selling Author.
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How can Bibi help you?

Give Bibi (Africa’s No1 Wealth Strategist) the opportunity to help you build and grow sustainable Retirement Wealth with multiple income streams Master The Art of Wealth Creation and Multiple Streams of Income Using the Power of the Internet.

Bibi is a certified High Performance Business Coach. Building your Retirement Business with Bibi means that You will have “Direct and Personal Access” to her for SIX months for advice, mentoring, coaching on any aspect of your business. With Bibi available on call, you will be less of a pioneer and more of an experienced traveller. Turn your vision of running a successful business to reality. Dare to dream big with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will not be alone.

Retirement Planning for a wealthy, healthy, wise and peaceful RETIREMENT. The Retirement Queen will coach you and help you build a peaceful, rich, healthy and achievable Retirement Strategy for A Stress-Free Retirement. Bibi will share with you how to use the four essential plans she developed.

These four plans will help you cope with the challenges of RETIREMENT and AGING GRACEFULLY in good health while building sustainable multiple streams of income.

Do you have a “plan” for a peaceful retirement? Can you ever afford to retire? Let’s face facts, It doesn’t just take age to retire… It takes Strategic Planning, Money, Information & Wisdom! When you sign up for the Pre-Retirement course an expert retirement coach will takes you through a comprehensive program step by step to come up with your personalized retirement plan and options

Retirement Is No Longer A Destination. It’s a Journey, a Transition, an OPPORTUNITY to Live Life YOUR WAY with the Help of the Retirement Queen!

Remember Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It
Start the preparation today for your Wealthy Healthy, Wise and Peaceful Flourishing Retirement

Why Work With Bibi Apampa

Bibi Apampa is a “Thought Leader” on Rich Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation, Financial Empowerment, and Business breakthrough strategies She has consistently helped her clients invest in the best wealth options including saving schemes, real estate, small business ventures, network marketing, equity and stock market. Bibi also helps her clients to carefully diversify their investments and ensure that they enjoy a steady income during their more mature years.

In 20 years, Bibi has worked in four countries with people of different nationalities, resources, backgrounds and traditions.

Bibi Apampa’s professional background includes expertise and experience in the domains of Finance, Investment and Taxation. She is a recognised Consultant and Adviser on Retirement Planning as well as a regular trainer on Transformational Leadership, Wealth Creation and Financial Empowerment. As a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Chartered Institute of Taxation, A Successful Investor and Serial Entrepreneur. She can guide you and help you choose the most appropriate ways to a healthy, rich and wise retirement.

Bibi is a leading authority on wealth building and multiple streams of Income. A certified High performance coach and wealth strategist, An expert at helping people build wealth towards an Affluent Retirement so they don’t fall into the trap of  95% of the population who at age 65 have to continue working, depend on family or charity to survive.

If you can dream the mountain, bibi will help you climb it..

Discover The Four Essential Plans You Need To Know For A Healthy And Prosperous Retirement

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